work group 1

Workgroup 1 was created to focus on the various roles that police play in the Town of Southold, as well as what roles can be allocated  to other professionals in the Community

They will also focus on the strategies of policing through in-depth research as well as assessment of current policies to ensure the police are utilizing the most effective and safe strategies in the Town of Southold


Dr.Anne Smith

Dr. Anne Smith served as a  Superintendent of Schools, Assistant Superintendent and Elementary Principal.She is currently serving as the President of the Mattituck Laurel Civic Association and is Chairperson of the North Fork Coalition for Behavioral Health.

Rev. Margaret Ann Cowden,PhD

The Reverend Margaret Ann Cowden, Ph.D., is an ordained American Baptist minister.  She retired after 5 years of pastoral ministry and nearly 30 years of service on the national staff of her denomination. She is a past national board member of several ecumenical organizations, including Church World Service and The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. She holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Temple University.

Brian Hughes, Esq.
Stephen Kiely, esq.

Stephen F. Kiely is a father, husband, coach, attorney, and believer in principles.  Stephen is a former Assistant District Attorney, Assistant Town Attorney, Sr. Deputy County Clerk, current Village Prosecutor and East End Indigent Arraignment Attorney.

Rev. Natalie

Rev. Natalie Wimberly is the pastor of Clinton Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion, Greenport,NY.

Serving Clinton Memorial since June, 2016 and in pastoral ministry 26 years.  She  is an advocate for  social justice and creating the "beloved Community".