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Our mission: Part II

The Southold Community Joint Justice Review and Reform Task Force was established by the Southold Town Board to engage in a thoughtful, transparent, and thorough assessment of the level of equitable  treatment toward residents and guests by each of the components of the Town of Southold’s justice system. Thereafter, the Task Force will  issue recommendations to the Town Board to remedy any inequity found. The Task Force is made up of a mix of Southold Town community members, faith based leaders, and local officials. In furtherance of those goals  the Task Force  will consult with the residents of the Town, as well as members of the Police Department, District Attorney’s Office, Legal Aid, Justice Court, the Office of the Town Attorney, and any other relevant group.   

Having completed stage one of the process which focused on policing in Southold, stage two  is an examination of the Justice System post arrest. The focus of Stage 2 will  be the treatment of individuals, including those of Color and other marginalized groups upon contact, with Town Justices, Justice Court personnel, the District Attorney, and public and private defense counsel. As with the review of the police, the Task Force will seek the community’s input on what equitable justice should entail, analyze policies and procedures, and research current expertise on effective and equitable post arrest procedures. Upon completion of review, the Task Force will issue recommendations to the Town Board. All members of the Southold community are requested to join us to ensure equity, equality, and an enhanced mutual trust between the community and the justice system as a whole. 

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