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sjrrtf part ii

Having completed stage one of the process which focused on policing in Southold, stage two  is an examination of the Justice System post arrest. The focus of Stage 2 will be the treatment of individuals, including those of Color and other marginalized groups upon contact , with Town Justices, Justice Court personnel, the District Attorney, and public and private defense counsel. All members of the Southold community are requested to join us to ensure equity, equality, and an enhanced mutual trust between the community and the justice system as a whole.

executive order 203:june 12th 2020

On June 12th 2020, about 3 weeks after the murder of George Floyd, Governor Cuomo released Executive Order 203 instructing all municipalities with police departments across New York State to engage in creating a “Reform and Reinvention Collaborative”. These collaboratives were to bring the community together with police and public officials to undertake a process of review, reflection and reform ‘to foster trust, fairness and legitimacy’ within communities throughout our State and ‘to address any racial bias and disproportionate policing of communities of color” by the deadline of  April 1st, 2021. Click the button to the right to learn more about executive order 203

NFuac's "call to action"

On June 15th 2020, NFUAC sent  a letter with over 90 signatures from residents of Southold Town to the Town board calling  for a comprehensive assessment of the justice system in the Town of Southold. Click the right to read NFUAC's "call to action" to the Town Board

nfuac's proposal

The Town Board invited NFUAC to discuss their letter. On June 30th 2020, NFUAC presented a proposal of a framework for addressing the concerns raised in the letter to the town board. Click the button to the right to read the proposal.

guide book for reform

On August 17th 2020, Governor Cuomo released a detailed, in depth document that should serve as a guidance for each reform process throughout the State, including but not limited to: questions to ask on police policies and strategies, roles of policing, trainings for police departments, hiring and evaluation, misconduct/accountability, mental health and wellness of officers, etc. The guidance also covers recommendations about who should be represented  on local task forces to take part in this process, especially about the importance of the involvement of the community. Click the button to the right to read the guidance of executive order 203

the creation of sjrrtf

Based on the Task Force Framework adopted by the Town Board and consistent with the recommendations of the Governor’s Guidance, individuals were chosen to serve on this critically important task force.  After the selection process was complete, the task force met for the first time on September 29th 2020. Click the button to the right to take you to the meetings tab.

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