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Steering Committee

The steering committee is made up of a group of individuals that were nominated and elected by other group members. The Committee is in charge of organizing and planning, as well as communicating with the group and outside stakeholders to ensure that all necessary processes are taking place according to our proposed timeline.

Dr.Carolyn Peabody

Dr. Carolyn Peabody is a Licensed Certified Social Worker and a full professor at the School of Social Welfare at Stony Brook University as well as the chair of the Community, Policy, and Political/Social Action Specialization. Carolyn is the co-chair of the North Fork Unity Action Committee and a commissioner on the Human Rights Commission.

Rev. Natalie 
Vice Chair

Rev. Natalie Wimberly is the pastor of Clinton Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion, Greenport,NY.

Serving Clinton Memorial since June, 2016 and in pastoral ministry 26 years.  She  is an advocate for  social justice and creating the "beloved Community".

Stephen Kiely, esq.
Vice Chair

Stephen F. Kiely is a father, husband, coach, attorney, and believer in principles.  Stephen is a former Assistant District Attorney, Assistant Town Attorney, Sr. Deputy County Clerk, current Village Prosecutor and East End Indigent Arraignment Attorney.

Alison Byers, PsyD

Alison M. Byers, PsyD is a clinical psychologist.  She originally trained and worked in Forensics as a trauma specialist.  Over 10 years ago Dr. Byers respecialized and has a practice now as an executive coach and consultant.  

Liz Gillooly

Liz Gillooly is a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain and owner of Layla Sailing, a charter company based in Greenport. She is an environmentalist, social justice activist and has been a member of the Southold Town community for most of her life. In addition to this task force, Liz is a member of The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Community Advisory Board.

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