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grupo de trabajo 2

El grupo de trabajo 2 se creó para centrarse en los procesos que se siguen para que la policía siga siendo responsable en situaciones de mala conducta. Llevarán a cabo una investigación exhaustiva sobre las políticas actuales y observarán lo que otras comunidades están haciendo con más éxito.

También analizarán el proceso establecido para que la comunidad denuncie conductas indebidas, así como formas de evaluación para garantizar una actuación policial segura y responsable.


John J. Slattery
laura sostenida

Laura Held is a retired attorney and started as a public defender. She clerked for two State Supreme Court judges sitting in the Criminal Term, was a member of the New York State Capital Defender Office and ran an alternative to incarceration for at risk youth.

Brian O.  Harinoso

Brian served on the Mattituck-Cutchogue School board from 2016-20. He is the 2018 Helen Wright Prince awardee and currently serves as member of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Advisory Board as well as the ESBOCES board.  He is proud of his service to local families through education 

Roberto Knuts

Bob Knuts is a practicing attorney who lives in Greenport. During his legal career, he has both worked for a Federal law enforcement agency and represented individuals accused of crimes. Bob volunteered for the task force to help gather the information and evidence that will provide a solid basis for the reforms that will be recommended by the task force.

Liz Gillooly

Liz Gillooly is a US Coast Guard Licensed Captain and owner of Layla Sailing, a charter company based in Greenport. She is an environmentalist, social justice activist and has been a member of the Southold Town community for most of her life. In addition to this task force, Liz is a member of The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department Community Advisory Board.

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