White Earth
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We are a group of citizens from the Town of Southold appointed by the town tasked with reviewing and developing current policies and procedures associated with agencies associated with the justice system and identifying and recommending best practices. We range from community members, educators, police officers, entrepreneurs, social workers, and attorneys!

We have come together to review and reform our current Justice system as per Town Board Resolution 220-4116 and Executive Order 203. We collaborate with the community and necessary entities to review policies and procedures, research effective methods, and reach out members of Southold to best understand the needs of our community

Our general meetings are open to the public for viewing and input. All task force meeting dates and times, as well as recordings and minutes will be posted on this website.

Tell us about your experiences, concerns & satisfaction with southold police

Executive Order 203 and Southold Town’s charges specify the significance of including the voices of community members in this process. In order to fulfill our mandates, we will vigorously work to ensure that we seek and include the experiences and concerns of Southold Town communities of color, in particular, as well as other historically marginalized groups.

In order to achieve our goal of making recommendations for reforms that will enhance the relationship of trust between the Southold Community and the Southold Police Department and Justice System, WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK! 

We will be holding public hearings, interviews and distributing anonymous surveys to broaden our outreach. 


Please share your experiences and thoughts with us!

You can begin right now  by connecting with us via social media, email, or phone! 


And, please tell your neighbors, friends and family members that we need to hear from them as well!


(631) 771-0828


Facebook: @southoldjusticetf20

Instagram: @southoldjusticetf20